Dr Anuroop Viswanath


I am Dr Anuroop a physician and intensivist by profession. I was into sports right from childhood, used to play football at district level, and then I took into martial arts and trained Chinese Kung fu for 6 years. But as our knowledge expands and as our opportunities to explore has increased immensely with the advent of internet I was able to find that what I was learning was not authentic and had always felt that the training was incomplete.

Then I came to know about Mr Ranjith and SFC, did some homework on crossfit and found that, that was exactly what I was looking for. A mixture of indoor and outdoor training sessions that will not just build your muscles but make you fit in every sense. That feeling of fitness which comes from deep within you and I would say you have to feel it to experience it. I can vouch on the quality of training from a personal stand point and also on a professional stand point being a doctor.