Anzal M Uvaise BEng (Hon), CEng.

Anzal M Uvaise BEng (Hon), CEng.

I was a very fit individual in my teenage and twenties. Being part of British Army, I had to under go rigorous physical training. Represented combined defence cricket team and travelled around the world. I have been to many fitness centres across the world with utmost high standards.  After I left my short service commission with defence, the one thing I lost is my fitness, I became over weight, with unhealthy food habits. I was 97 kg with a huge potbelly at the time when I resettled to Calicut to be part of the family business. I always wanted to get my fitness and shape back, tried many conventional gyms and health clubs, but with disappointing results.

It is one of my cousins who recommended me to Mr Ranjith. I did not feel enthusiastic in the first visit, as I found not many machines or equipment. However, talking to Mr Ranjith, I found the concept very interesting and decided to give it a try. I did not have to look back ever since. In three months I came down to 73Kg, then he made me to gain a few healthy pounds to reach 78Kg and I am toned and conditioned. I must admit I am addicted to the training and cant resist a day with out it.

I find his training, which is a combination of crossfit and MMA conditioning unique and can be compared to any world standards. Especially the weightage he gives for right positioning, stretching and the intensive interval training with huge variety from my zero fitness level to the strongest level I am now. I never get bored doing the work outs at SFC.

Finally I love the fitness community at SFC. Good FUN and I thank Mr Ranjith for a better healthy life I am leading now