The fast growing, glamorous and the most popular martial arts across western world is the ultimate sport combining all forms of martial arts. MMA athletes are most talented among all sports

  • Boxing teaches you how to throw a mean punch, but if the fight goes to the ground the boxer is done for.
  • Thai Kickboxing shows you how to kick the hell out of someone, but if the fight goes to the ground the Thai Kickboxer is done for.
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu teaches you how to subdue someone on the ground with an armbar or a choke, but it doesn’t teach stand-up fighting or punching.
  • JeetKune Do teaches you how to condition your body and mind but it doesn’t teach you how to break free of a headlock.
  • Wrestling will build immense strength but has too many rules to ever win a fight.

Put all the Martial Arts training styles together and you have: MIXED MARTIAL ARTS. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) combine all the styles of martial arts training into one package.

1) Training Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) will build confidence in you. When you know how to fight your mind is a little calmer, a little freer, and a little more relaxed. Mixed martial arts training can build your self confidence. And it’s not just because you will learn how to defend yourself against an aggressor. Training in the martial arts will expose yourself to challenging situations that will prompt you to perform at your best. You will also learn to focus and perform under pressure; things that will go in handy when you step out of the gym.

2) Training MMA will teach you discipline. MMA requires discipline. It teaches discipline of the mind and body. Training MMA teaches the discipline of eating right, sleeping right, and training right.Mixed martial arts training would also teach you how to control your emotions and impulses. Moreover, training in MMA discourages too much talking or goofing around.

3) Training MMA is an excellent physical workout. Sparring (Boxing practice during training) or grappling (wrestling or ground-fighting practice) for 3-5 minute rounds is absolutely brutal cardio, which is why fighters are usually in top notch physical condition. There is no treadmill or stair-master in the world that can beat the benefits of practice fighting.

4) Training MMA will teach you self-defense. One of the main reasons why people want to learn mixed martial arts is to be able to learn self defense techniques. We live in very uncertain times when anyone on the street could punk you anytime. But when you undergo mixed martial arts training you will learnhow to protect yourself against anyone, even against armed men. This is especially relevant for ladies.

5) Training MMA is a good hobby.  The main causes of depression is lack of anything physical or masculine. Fighting in a controlled environment is just a damn good hobby that promotes values like courage, strength, will and heart and trust us it will release stress.

6) Giving it your all.When you train in mixed martial arts, you will be required to give your all on a consistent basis. You’ll be asked to kick a little higher or punch a little stronger. There’s no such thing as half-hearted effort when you train in karate, kickboxing, or jujitsu. This would teach you to never accept less from yourself, and to give 100% effort in everything you do—even outside the gym.

) Training MMA teaches competition. Training MMA will bring that winning drive and spirit to the surface, which can be utilized in other aspects of daily life like business and relationships. Competition is good. A person training in MMA will not spar or grapple with too many opponents willing to roll over and lose – it’s real competition and everyone wants to win.

At an MMA gym everyone wants to be Maverick – no one wants to be Goose.

8) Training MMA is a huge stress reliever. After an hours session of training, when you are completely drenched in sweat, tired and sore as hell, ready for a big meal and sleep there can be no more room for stress.

9) Camaraderie. When training at an MMA gym you will meet a whole bunch of people with similar interests as you.

10) Respect. Finally, training in mixed martial arts will teach you the value of respect. You will be taught to respect your co-students and instructors. You’ll be trained to control yourself so you can avoid fights, whenever necessary.


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