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Kids get your boxing gloves ready, boxing coaching starting @SFC CrossFit from June 3rd.Timings : Sat and Sun 8:30 to 10:00 am. Tuesday and Thur 4:30 to 6:30 pm.

Children can benefit greatly through the practice of mixed martial arts. The sport can bring many things into a child’s life including confidence, respect, maturity, discipline, physical and mental health.A common misconception about children participating in martial arts is that it will make a child more violent, aggressive, or more prone to starting fights.The reality in training is that it teaches kids the opposite. Having your child involved in mixed martial arts can teach them them the discipline, respect and self-control necessary to avoid fights. The kids who are more actively involved in conflicts are those that lack training and discipline.Putting kids in a controlled environment that gives them a safe and fun place to get out aggression is an excellent way to make sure they aren’t overly aggressive outside of the gym.

MMA class is also a good way to get more involved in their lives as more parents are starting to participate in the sport as well.

Mixed martial arts can also teach children to live a healthy, active lifestyle and will give them the skills necessary to maintain that lifestyle. Getting into good eating and exercising habits at a young age can greatly reduce your child’s risk of obesity and diabetes.


Like many other sports, mixed martial arts benefits from being a group activity. A child will be able to work as a member of a group towards becoming better at mixed martial arts, often training with other children. This teaches group dynamics, and makes your child better at handling and working within the real world. These are life skills that are necessary for success, and they can start at the very first mixed martial arts training day.


Childhood obesity means reduced life expectancy, chronic health problems, and premature puberty. Why risk these things when a fun and engaging activity like mixed martial arts can steer your child towards a healthy lifestyle? As another thing to consider, childhood obesity alienates the child from their peers, increasing risks of anxiety, depression, and even suicide. By focusing on mixed martial arts, you fly past all these problems while providing your child with the focus and drive he or she needs in their life.


Some children’s sports may not be possible without some pre-existing level of fitness. Unlike competitive leagues, mixed martial arts training requires very little skill or understanding before the child begins. In addition, it does not require that much stamina or strength when you begin. Rather, all it requires is a bit of determination, as the mixed martial arts training routine can be tailored for individual children. In addition, it requires thought, and creative thinking in order to know what the right thing to do is in every situation. As a result, mixed martial arts training combines the best of cognitive and physical activity, fully stimulating a child’s growth through this fun sport.


Mixed martial arts for kids increasing their flexibility. It decreases in both the short and long term the chances of strains, fractures, and broken bones. Through repeated stretching, exercise, and concentration, kids will be healthier longer. In addition, mixed martial arts for kid’s stresses the importance of flexibility and stretching as an active part in what it means to be a healthy adult.


More often then not, parents do not consider a child’s need for meditation and focus in their life. More then ever before, the rates of anxiety and stress among young adults is increasing. More and more people are battling these on a daily basis. Help your child by providing a means for mediation and focus through mixed martial arts. It can help children resolve other issues in their life by giving them something they can focus and excel at.