Fitness is the most important thing you need in your life. Fitness is not BODY BUILDING. It can only be achieved and maintained through a lifestyle that supports fitness. A fit individual will have a positive attitude in his/her life towards everything, making him/her more productive at work, family and for the society. SFC Fitness creates discipline, it should become part of your everyday routine and should stay with you for ever. It will energise your kids to become active and the community around you. Over all a fitnessenthusiast is a valuable asset to the community.

At Sfc, we do not use machines, instead we make you one through our programs, which is nothing but basically make you do the normal things you do in your daily life, in an intensified, time controlled manner, so it becomes as natural as it could be and hence stays with you forever. It will create the natural fitness you require along with healthy body, shape and a perfect conditioning and toning. Sfc also adds fun to your work out session through adding MMA conditioning making it the most unique work out sessions with at most variety never found anywhere. The sessions will make you glued to Sfc eliminating the normal boredom at usual gyms.