Fitness is the most important thing you need in your life. Fitness is not BODY BUILDING. It can only be achieved and maintained through a lifestyle that supports fitness. A fit individual will have a positive attitude in his/her life towards everything, making him/her more productive at work, family and for the society. SFC Fitness creates discipline, it should become part of your everyday routine and should stay with you for ever. It will energise your kids to become active and the community around you. Over all a fitness enthusiast is a valuable asset to the community.

At Sfc, we do not use machines, instead we make you one through our programs, which is nothing but basically make you do the normal things you do in your daily life, in an intensified, time controlled manner, so it becomes as natural as it could be and hence stays with you forever. It will create the natural fitness you require along with healthy body, shape and a perfect conditioning and toning. Sfc also adds fun to your work out session through adding MMA conditioning making it the most unique work out sessions with at most variety never found anywhere. The sessions will make you glued to Sfc eliminating the normal boredom at usual gyms.

How We Feel

In fact, we think that MMA is great, healthy, and safe training. Sure, just like any other sport, precautions must be taken to assure safety. Injuries can always happen, no matter the age, health, or sex of the participant. But with the right equipment, instructor, and regimen, MMA training can be rewarding in so many ways. There is no doubt that we are not the only ones to feel this way. Just take a look at the recent surge in popularity this sport has had! In actuality, there are hundreds of reasons to love and try MMA training.

Why We Love It

The main reasons that we love MMA so much is because it is fantastically fun. It promotes total body training and fitness in a way that nearly no other sport does. Anyone can do it! We mean anyone. Best of all, it is a great way to get away from run-of-the-mill workouts. Whether you are just starting to hit the gym, or have been doing so for years, MMA training can help you. Where other diets and exercise regimens fail, MMA training succeeds. It can help you in your personal life, with your performance, self-esteem, how you look, feel, and much more.

Why Others Love It, Too

Why the sudden rise in popularity of MMA training, as both a sport and a way to keep fit? Many who participate in MMA training love how it makes them feel. They love that the workouts can be intense, fun, and done in a group. They also love that the skills that they learn during training can be put to use as part of a sport, or just to defend themselves. Lots of people doing MMA on a regular basis comment on just what a difference the sport has made in their lives. Not only can they see, but also feel, the differences made by MMA.

Fitness Benefits

There are lots of fitness benefits to practicing MMA. Studies have shown that MMA training, unlike other types of exercise, works on your total body. We are not just talking muscles, either. You get a cardio and a strength training workout, all in one. Or, you can concentrate on one area more than others in order to tone and sculpt your body. Working out on a regular basis, in and of itself, offers plenty of benefits. But intense workouts like MMA training can offer you even more in the way of fitness benefits that can, over time, become good habits.

Greater Strength

One of the most noticeable benefits or MMA training, according to participants, is the increased strength. Increased strength will happen after only a few weeks of regularly participating in training. You will notice it when participating in other activities like lifting. But, most importantly, you will also notice the benefits in your everyday life. Certain activities will become easier. Improving functional strength is one of the most popular reasons that people often choose MMA training over other forms of exercise. Bodyweight exercises and weight lifting are often the two most important exercises in training to help you gain strength.

Experience More Power

Power is, of course, related to strength. However, not all exercises effectively build both strength and power. MMA, however, builds both. The fact that you are focusing on strength as much as movements gives you true power. You will be better prepared to face others in competition. You will also notice that your skills in other areas (like how far you can throw, run, jump, swim, etc.) will also be greatly improved. In as little as a few weeks of this sort of training, you will notice similar benefits, as well.


Sure, we have all heard that things like video games help with hand and eye coordination. But, believe it or not, MMA training, as well. When you are engaged in a fight with an opponent, you need your jabs, kicks, punches, and other movements to all flow together. You need to be able to quickly judge things like timing, distance, and more to deal and dodge blows. If you truly want to work on this area, just ask your training what sorts of skill training exercises can help. Also, try stability and balance-board activities to help with coordination.

Get Flexible

Just like so many other sports, MMA training improve flexibility. For participants approaching older ages, flexibility can be very important. In older age, more flexibility can mean you run a lower risk for things like pulled muscles, fractures, and issues with mobility. For younger participants, greater flexibility can help in your daily life. It can also help you, greatly, if you are engaged in another sort of activity or sport. MMA teaches both passive and active flexibility. Whereas grappling can help with passive flexibility, more active training, like that of high kicks, stretches, etc. can help you much more with active flexibility.

Go Harder, Longer

What do we mean by this? Endurance, of course! Endurance is important in many sports, such as running, swimming, soccer, tennis, or nearly any competitive sport. The same can be said of MMA fighting. Because of this, MMA training can increase your endurance when you train in intense intervals during various sorts of training exercises. The best sorts of workouts to improve overall endurance are, most typically, cardio workouts. Cardio workouts can consist of shadow boxing, working out with a punching bag, running, skipping rope, and much more.

How MMA Can Help You in Other Sports

In case you have not already picked-up on it, MMA can greatly help you in other sports. Performance in any sport where endurance, strength, power, balance, and coordination is needed can be improved through MMA training. Athletes often note a marked improvement in the performance after starting to MMA train. Even if you do not wish to train for actual MMA fights, you can still MMA train for a bit and put to use what you have learned while training for your sport. Simply make note of what exercises seem to work best to improve the areas you need help on, then do those, often.

A Better You that You Can See and Feel!

MMA training can transform participants from the inside, out. How? In the first few weeks, expect to feel better, overall. This is a typical benefit of exercise. However, the fact that you are learning to compete and learning a skill may give you even more of a boost. Your energy levels may rise. Sleeping may become easier. Daily tasks may also become simpler to perform, with a bit of time. After a bit longer, you will notice that you are losing weight. If you are working on one area, specifically, more so than others, you may also notice a difference in the way that area appears in just a few weeks.

Look Great Again by Sculpting Your Body

If you want to totally transform your body, MMA training is the way to go. Not only can you get a workout of your entire body quickly when participating in MMA training, but you can also focus on certain areas. When doing this, simply let your instructor know what areas you would like to see improved. Chances are, they can give you a few tips on exercises that can help you shape those areas. You can bet that these exercises can also help you improve your overall fighting game. No matter if you want a sexier, tighter core, hips, thighs, arms, or a smaller waist, MMA training can help.

Boost Any Diet’s Effects

Are you currently dieting? Many complain that they simply do not see results. However, when you combine a healthy, balanced diet with MMA training, expect the results to quickly swing the other way. In no time, you will be losing more weight that you may have even thought possible. Most doctors highly recommend some form of exercise when you are dieting to lose weight. Often times, SFC instructors and trainers can help you to improve your diet to boost your performance, as well as results.

Mental Health Benefits

Studies show that there are a bevy of mental health benefits to MMA training. A few even suggest that those suffering with issues like bipolar disorder may greatly benefit from MMA training. But besides that, there are also mental health benefits that nearly everyone can experience when participating in this sport. Many of the benefits that we talk about in greater detail below are benefits that overlap with regular exercise. Still, the sort of exercise that you choose to participate in does nothing to hinder these benefits. If you want to become calmer, more centered, more confident, and more, try MMA training.

Improve Self-Discipline

All sorts of martial arts improve self-discipline. Often, participants must teach themselves to work out on a regular basis, and remain persistent to learn new moves, techniques, etc. Self-discipline can come in handy while working out, playing sports, controlling your emotions, at your workplace, and more. Developing this skill take quite a bit of time, especially in younger participants. But a martial art can certainly speed up that process. Many see self-discipline as a positive trait that can help people to better succeed in a number of realms in their lives, from personal to professional.

Defend Yourself

Just like other forms of martial arts, MMA training is meant to help you learn to fight opponents. At times, these skills can come in handy to defend yourself. MMA teaches you moves like kicks, punches, blows, grappling, and much more. Using these skills, you can defeat your opponents both inside and out of the ring. Although you must use common sense while putting these skills to use, they could, in some cases, save you or others.

Boost Your Self-Confidence

Training can improve you in plenty of ways, from how you look to how you feel. It can also help you when it comes to how you carry yourself. Improvement in various areas of your life will, undoubtedly, mean that you will appear and feel more confident. Confidence can come in handy professionally and personally, just like self-discipline. A boost in confidence can also help to make others perceive you as more in control. They may also find you much more attractive. Others may feel that you are more intelligent because you seem so sure of yourself.

Better Mood and Less Stress

For many MMA participants, a better mood can help them to greatly improve their outlook, relationships, and just how they feel. When you reduce stress in your life, you put yourself at a lower risk for illnesses and complications often related with stress. These can include, but are not limited to, anxiety issues, heart disease, sleeping problems, addictions, and even issues with concentrating and memorizing details. Exercising just a few times per week, starting now, can go a long way in preventing these issues. And hitting a punching bag with some muaythai skills is a great stress reliever!

Challenge Yourself to Go the Distance

As you start and continue you MMA training regimen, you may notice that things become a lot easier, over time. MMA training is fantastic because it allows you, at any time, to ramp up your regimen. Just ask your instructor! They can help you to modify your routine to help you sculpt an area, lose weight, develop a particular skill, and more. When you push yourself, you will get more out of such training. Best of all, when you succeed in an area where you challenged yourself, you will feel an even deeper sense of accomplishment. Such a sense of accomplishment drives us on to do even better, and work even harder.

Fun (and Safe) for Everyone!

We are here to tell you that it is fun and safe for everyone. Anyone can attend MMA training sessions, as well. SFC Instructors know how to help you stay safe. They also know how to keep your workouts fun and constantly fresh. This is why we highly recommend seeking out the guidance of a professional instructor, coach, or trainer when you first start MMA training. Their knowledge can really help you. At SFC we have the best.

Especially Recommended for Women

Out of all the groups listed above, women might be the ones to benefit most from MMA training. MMA training allows them to stay fit while also learning to defend themselves. It gives them to opportunity to sculpt their bodies and feel sexier and more confident. If you have longed to get your younger body back, lose weight, keep up with your kids while they play, or just feel safer, this sort of training can help with all that. We are sure that in only a matter of sessions, most women will see various benefits that will keep them coming back for more. Believe us when we say, ladies, that MMA training can help you to really get that diet working for you (finally). MMA training might be one of the sexiest things that a woman could do for herself.

Make It a Family (Or Friend) Activity

Want a way to keep motivated even more? If so, consider inviting friends or family members to train with you. Participating in physical activities together can bring you closer to your loved ones. It also means that you can train with them outside the gym and improve your skills, together. When you are just starting out at a sport or regimen, certain moves, exercises, and drills can be embarrassing. But having someone beside you whom you feel comfortable with can make a huge difference. Studies show you are also more likely to keep coming back to train if you are comfortable and training with people you like. You can more easily encourage each other, and help one another to strive to be your best. At SFC each batch naturally forms this friendship if they know before or not in no time.